Linkwood 37 YO 1978 50.3%

2nd SpRel 6114 bottles 2016, refill am hgsh/refill eur sh butts

Price: £600
Score: 93p (N: 23 T: 23 A: 24 C: 23)
Linkwood boils a delicious liquor with floral ease. It has obviously a backbone that can support many years in oak. Outgoing exciting fragrance, a potpourri of esters, exotic fruits like guava and Japanese pears. Amidst creamy sherry-sugary notes and buttery fat almond caramel. Big extrovert mouth carried forward by fresh fruitiness. First unripe apples, soon guava juice (cool) transcending into apple must with yeasty overtones and grapefruit bitterness. Long tight tart aftertaste, rich fruit adds weight, ethereal oak evokes menthol/bitter chocolate. Water changes and enhances. The scent shrinks, thus sweeter with guava and raspberry syrup, subdued by the oak. Yet another drop gives denser exotic esters and greener grassiness but also marzipan/vanilla/fudge that brings the elements together. That said, an exciting Linkwood nose (as always). The taste react positively to water and become long and rounded with a pre-taste of apple peel before exotic fruit juice (guava/peach) get started, soon sparkling ethereal oak and recalcitrant cored apple – more oak in the mouth now. And the aftertaste goes on forever, the oak is warming and lifting, winding light exotic fruits, guava and tamarind peel. Stay right here and enjoy. More water makes the mouth lose steam, it becomes calm and tranquil.