Cragganmore 55.7%

6th SpRel 4932 bottles 2016, refill am hgsh/rejuvinated am hgsh/1st eur sh butts

Price: £400
Score: 94p (N: 23 T: 24 A: 24 C: 23)
Newly poured like standing in a fruit stand. Pear sap/popsicle, guava, pineapple oil – and deep down rotted sour grass. Exotic fruits in the mouth, nectar and pineapple, Juicy Fruit sapping, halfway a woody note of cooking plantain. Long aftertaste, pineapple and pear-skin keep the party going, more and more leather/shoe sole threaten to take over, even smoke puffs! Watered rich complex exotic fruit taste with more spike when dense spice-aromatic oak pops up followed by sandalwood, yet juicy cheering exit where mighty oak utters bitter tremors. Long and good reverb, esters babble over a heavy oak bitter base – perfect balance, the fair fruit survives, the oak creates a pleasant easy-going smoke feeling. Dual watered the palate gets even better – mission impossible?! The taste prolongs, a wonderful mix of mango-pineapple-guava, soon ethereal spicy oak, followed by chocolate cream and phenols. Evidently smoky finale, estery/exotic feasting, menthol fresh easy-going oak bitterness drives – a drier and more grown-up epilogue but not at all old and bitter. Plenty of old oak in here but it’s the fruit and esters that live out their passions. A cask mix signed Keith Law where all the ingredients speak to the point. Bravo!