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About Whisky Report

The Whisky Report

Anders Enquist, anders@whisky-report.com

Henrik Aflodal, henrik@whisky-report.com

Erik Dahlström, erik@whisky-report.com

Christoffer Enquist, christoffer@whisky-report.com

Casper Cohen, casper@whisky-report.com

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Enjoy the Power of  The Whisky Report

ONE THOUSAND WHISKIES. That’s how many drams we will have in our first year. All’s blind, of course. For us it’s all about taste, no fancy label shall mislead our honest opinion of every single whisky. Whisky & Bourbon Magazine is fiercely independent, we never second-guess a given score. Good stuff deserves attention despite its origins, either it comes from one of the big guys or an independent bottler you’ve never heard of.

We will never sample everything, no one can, the global whisky scene is changing too fast. But we will be there when it happens. We’re not print, our strength is that the Report is a digital publication. When a new whisky launches and enters the shops you can read about it on Whisky-Report.com. In short, our reviews are based on whisky sold right now. And the samples come directly from the distilleries.

You’ll get this digital PDF report four times a year. In between we do special minority reports (whenever we got material that needs quick attention). As an open-handed service to our subscribers we will collect all material once a year and do a lavish “bible”, a printed yearbook looking back to all that’s passed.

Accuracy is vital to us. We take our research into every whisky serious. Info on cask and age variation comes directly from the source. We even check market availability and recommended price for you. Along with our reviews you should have all the necessary info to make a sound buying-decision. Apart from the news section in each issue we look at various themes and often focus on a select distillery. And when it’s relevant, we look back and compare fresh editions with predecessors to demonstrate development/evolution in character.

The Whisky Report blind tastes the actual whisky scene

All whiskies are tasted and scored blind. The comment is written afterwards with regard to technical details as cask type and age. We apply the standard 100-point score divided into four parts: Nose, Taste and Aftertaste complemented by Composition/complexity/balance. High points for aroma/flavour renders a high overall score. An outstanding nose but weary palate can still give plus points for composition. On the other hand, low points for a lame taste can pull down the balance rating. It is important to read the score as a whole and not only the end sum. Otherwise you might miss a divine 25-point taste where the scent is bland.

Each whisky category is judged separately. Blends are not compared with single malts or bourbon or pot still whiskey. The reason is that each variety has its own flavour range with different production methods. If you like Bourbons we point out the best Americans out there. Is malt whisky your passion, this is where you botanize.

Whisky & Bourbon – Scandinavia’s leading whisky magazine

Whisky & Bourbon has been around since 2009. Our driving force has always been to get deeper into whisky. We just love to nose and taste glorious stuff. As often as we possibly can. How can you assume to know anything about something if you don’t like hard-labour and are prepared to spend thousands of hours doing it. Hence The Whisky Report, our contribution to the global whisky community. Plus 1000 reviews of great whisk(e)ys from around the globe.

Henrik Aflodal – passionate and knowledgeable

Whisky & Bourbon’s Chief Test Coordinator Henrik Aflodal is the prime contributor to the Report. Mr Aflodal is Scandinavia’s leading expert with 30 years’ experience of whisky. He has tried over 6000 different whiskies, experiences accumulated in black notebooks over the years. An outstanding and unique knowledge about modern whisky tastes. All whisky is tasted blind in traditional whisky copitas with a stem. Apart from scoring Aflodal emphasize on the actual taste experience, the staging of aromas in mouth over time from start to finish, and the position of scents on the nose (above/centre/deep in the glass, or closer to the rim). It’s all about the fascinating exploration of a unique whisky encounter. All whiskies are sampled at bottled strength. Though stronger ones are also watered, once or twice. Not flooded by the spoon, just a tiny drop that will lure out other flavours when the balance is rocked. Some water might awake a sleeping beauty or put a good dram to sleep. Nevertheless you always get the whole picture from Mr Aflodal – a method of communication no other whisky expert in the world offer.